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Water: a natural resource and the wellspring of life

Our products’ exclusive formulas combine technology and research with the precious ingredients provided by nature.

Gemme d Acquawas founded in Tuscany near the city of Lucca, a region rich in history and culture, immersed in splendid natural wilderness and waters that give life to a thriving landscape.
Our products are designed to use the functional and curative properties of that very water to help your organism maintain its natural balance.
Water, that fundamental element of life and our planet, is the primary and most essential ingredient of our Gemme d Acqua skincare products.

Using next-generation technology in synergy with the most qualified organic cosmetics laboratories and a team of university researchers working constantly to select important natural raw materials, we have succeeded in concentrating the benefits offered by this precious element into our Gemme d Acqua skincare line.
Each phase of our production process is carefully evaluated and monitored: from the selection of raw materials, always of an undisputable quality and certified provenance, to quality and microbiological controls, up to the final packaging of the product.

The values that Gemme d Acqua transmits with its natural and sustainable approach are also expressed in its packaging, designed and created ethically and in total harmony with the protection of natural resources and the environment, and with respect for Mother Earth.

The Gemme d acqua product line




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