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We are what we feed our body with. Low-quality cosmetic products that use chemical components or poor-quality raw materials can lead to a buildup of toxic substances which are difficult to get rid of. The result is an acceleration of the aging process and dull, tired-looking skin.

Gemme d Acqua is a line of Natural Skincare products that uses the functional and curative properties of water in synergy with other precious elements provided by Mother Nature, including extracts of Daffodil and Alaria.
The revitalizing essential water used in Gemme d Acqua is micro-structured, produced using next-generation technology that allows us to concentrate the benefits provided by this precious element to regenerate skin cells, improving their health and vitality.
Gemme d Acqua products fulfill your daily hydration requirements, using the purest nutrients to oxygenate your skin, letting it stay healthier and younger for longer.

The Gemme d acqua product line




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